The 50/50 section

As an alternative to opting out, or at times when money is tight, you stay in the Scheme but pay a reduced contribution, which is known as the 50/50 option.

You can choose this at any time, and it means you only pay half of the contributions you normally would pay but you only build up half of the pension during the period you pay the reduced contribution.

A graphic showing how joining the 50/50 section halves both your contributions and your accrued pension relative to the default option

If you have more than one job in which you are a member of the Scheme you can pay the reduced contribution in one, some or all of those jobs.

By paying the reduced contribution you don’t affect the survivor's benefits or death in service cover you have in the Scheme.

The 50/50 option is designed to be a short-term solution only. You will be automatically- enrolled back into the main section of the Scheme in line with your employer's re-enrolment date, at least after three years.

You’ll will also be put back into the main section of the Scheme during any period of absence due to absence or injury where you’re not receiving any pay. If you wish to continue to use the 50/50 option you must let your employer know again.

You can of course choose at any time yourself to move back to the main section of the Scheme and your employer will do that from the pay period following your written request.

If you’re paying additional pension contributions then these will stop at the point you choose to take up the 50/50 option unless they were to cover a period of absence from work.

You can find further information on the Factsheets page or from your employer.